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this is just the latest violent incident to occur on metro. a man told news 4 he was attacked by a teenagers last week while waiting at the suitland station. after hearing that report the st. guardian angels said they would increase their patrols on buses and trains. they said they are reacting to an increase on teen violence on the public transit. students at one fairfax high school will be walk being out of class to protest state cuts to education funding. students at lake braddock secondary school will walk out at 8:50. it's part of a nationwide day of action called by the coalition to defend education. 4:30 now. former d.c. public schools chancellor michelle rhee will be back in town for the screening of a popular document engineer. there's a viewing of the controversial documentary,
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waiting for superman in which rhee is featured. she will participate in a discussion about education reform in america. the screening will take place at american university. doors will open at 5:30 and the screening will begin at 6:00. the event is free and open to the public. it was controversial but if you haven't seen it already it's a must see. it's very well done. very interesting. raises a lot of very interesting -- for questions for folks to consider. tom, 4:31. another cold start to the day. >> a cold wind coming out of the southwest. which later today will warm us up. right now it's giving us a wind chill down in the 20s. temperatures are in the low 30s right now under a mostly clear sky, 34 at reagan national. we're just a little bit above freezing. look at our wind chills. down from the low to mid-20s. winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per
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hour. i want will shift into the northwest later today. that will bring in colder air. for right now we have a clear sky and we'll have a southwesterly flow that should warm us up by later today. there's the washington monument under this clear sky. by 9:00 should be in the upper 30s and the breezes will be out of the southwest this morning then shift into the northwest by late this afternoon. but before then by around 2:00 or 3:00 we should warm to mid-to-upper 50s, by 5:00 clear and in the mid-50s after that front goes by, it will be turning much colder tonight. i'll tell you how cold it will get by this time tomorrow morning. that will be coming up at 4:41. now we welcome jerry edwards back. >> good morning. we're doing all right. i-95 corridor, fredericksburg to the beltway looking good. those planning on traveling south no concerns. maryland the top side of the
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beltway both directions between i-95 and rockville pike things are moving nicely. there's still some road work in place, outer loop beltway in virginia as you come down from the dulles toll road towards i-66. three lanes closed. inner loop of the beltway road work getting up to 66. south of town, wilson bridge, looking pretty good. happening today congress moves one step closer to avoiding a government shutdown. today the u.s. senate is set to vote on a two week extension to keep federal employees work. the house passed the bill yesterday. it includes $4 billion in cuts. the existing budget expires on friday. the legislation gives lawmakers more time to negotiate the bigger budget that runs through september. a high-profile pakistani government official is dead this morning after his car was attacked by three gunmen. pakistan's government minister for religious minorities was on
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his way to work in the capital of islamabad when the attack happened. he was part of pakistan's christian community and had urged reform of the country's harsh blasphemy laws. those laws call for the death penalty for insulting islam. the d.c. council is now considering making mayor vincent gray responsible for all of the city's leased vehicles. it would require the mayor to sign off on every vehicle lease. this comes just a week after reports surfaced that taxpayers were spending nearly $4,000 a month on two luxury suvs for council chairman kwame brown. this morning a desperate search is still on for a 21-year-old missing pregnant woman from northern virginia. 21-year-old bethany decker has not been seen in more than a month. she disappeared around the same
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time her husband left for afghanistan. craig melvin talked with the woman's family. >> reporter: kim nelson has not seen or heard from her daughter since january 29th. neither has anyone else. >> i'm praying and hoping she's safe. wherever she is we know we love her. >> reporter: she's a 21-year-old senior at george mason university. and a mother. this is her son and this is her husband, an army soldier deployed to afghanistan. decker's family said they have been married for a year and a half. >> he's been here in the country on leave and was with miss decker back in january and so we need to come up with a timeline as far as their contact with each other before he was sent back to afghanistan. >> reporter: loudoun county police say they are trying to arrange a face to face conversation with the husband. bethany decker was last seen at her apartment complex.
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investigators found her car in the parking lot. neighbors described what they frequently heard. >> like midnight they fighting or sorry they having problems. it was almost every night. >> reporter: kim nelson did not talk about her daughter's marriage and said there's no way she would leave her son and go off the grid. >> if she wasn't speak to me she was calling her siblings. >> reporter: there's another reason why she is sure she would not leave. she is five months pregnant. >> we're praying that god will bring her back safe and sound to us. >> reporter: tuesday we learned police are looking into who was living with bethany decker in that ashburn apartment. there's a news conference set for later on wednesday. that's when we expect to learn more. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused
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a deadly crash inside the 3rd street tunnel in downtown washington. it's a story you saw first on "news4 today". a woman was driving in the southbound lanes early yesterday morning when she hit the back of a department of public works truck. she was taken to hospital where she later died. three dpw employees were also injured. 4:37. ahead redskins fan get ready for more drama. who says albert haynesworth is not going anywhere? >> new drama for charlie sheen this morning. this time it's more serious than losing his show. drama all over the place. we can use a spring break this morning. when tom says it will warm up.
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it's a two layer morning. good morning i'm meteorologist tom kierein. it is cold. blustery southwest wind. just above freezing across virginia and maryland. in the mountains low 20s in many areas. on the eastern shore, right near
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freezing. clear sky. high pressure moving over us. we have a weak front coming into the upper midwest. that will come in later today, bring in colder air late tonight into tomorrow. but for now we're off to a clear start, by 9:00 it will still be a bit blustery but bright and sunny and near 40. near 50 by noon time. jump into the upper 50s for a brief time, mid-afternoon with the wind beginning to shift into the northwest. that will bring in colder air tonight. by midnight we'll be right back down near 40 and then the 20s tomorrow morning. so a cold start to thursday. looks like a cold day tomorrow. i'll tell you how cold. we'll look at that as well as the weekend. that's at 4:51. >> along i-720 there was so road work to 370. right half of the roadway was blocked off. crews are in the process of blocking it off. you may find at it bit sluggish, montgomery village until you're clear of muddy branch road.
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the trip in from the west, i-66 looking good. westbound out the manassas no concerns leaving the beltway. the overnight road work still in place and i couple of set points virginia and you may find it slow so stay close. the outer loop as you travel down towards tysons corner, towards i-66 three out of the four lanes were closed overnight. the inner loop of the beltway picking up the construction now approaching i-66. we'll keep you updated. 4: clo4:42. history could be made today. >> because of the jolt we felt when it stopped. a local woman spend her birthday in pain. what she says happened to her at a busy metro station. >> charlie sheen may be finished talking but overnight he found a ne
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welcome back. charlie sheen is every where these days but he's not with his youngest children. overnight sheen told nbc news that police officers took his 2-year-old twin boys from his l.a. mansion. according to the website radar online the actor's estranged wife asked a judge to remove the children saying sheen shouldn't be allowed to keep them from her. the judge agreed and issued an order to have the boys placed in her custody. charlie sheen is, however, all over twitter this morning. he just officially joined yesterday and already has more than 600,000 followers. his profile lists him as an unemployed winner and he's been tweeting things like the man behind the legend follow. he also post ad few pictures. one shows him posing with one of his two girlfriends. the other shows him holding a cake with an academy award with his face on top of the statue. efforts to legalize same sex
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marriage in maryland may have hit a snag. two lawmakers held their votes. they want school funds restored in governor o'malley's budget plan before they agreed to support the marriage bill. without their support the bill may not make it out of committee. potential republican presidential candidate mike huckabee is clarifying controversial comments he made about president obama. >> his perspective with the kenyan father and grandfather, it's different -- they are grew up hearing that the british were imperialists. >> huckabee made those comments on a new york radio show. president obama was born and raised in hawaii and spent a few years in indonesia. huckabee says he made a mistake and dlams media is blowing the
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thing out of proportion. >> the person that was on the radio talked to the "new york times" reporter and said play the clip for him. the "new york times" and some of the other media ran the story. it's an absolute fabrication. >> huckabee also says that he never doubtled that president obama was bone in the united states like a small group. president's detractors do. >> 4:47 is our time. this woman this morning a woman is recovering after she injured her leg when a metro escalator stopped working. darcy spencer has more. >> today i felt like i got hit by a car. >> reporter: cindy is sitting at home unable to bend her leg, unable to lift her arm. her hip is bruised and sore. her calf has three scraps from a nasty fall on a metro escalator. >> i can take a couple of steps here and there. but i can't stand on my feet for a long time.
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>> reporter: she said she was riding the escalator down at the dupont metro station monday around 12:30 in the afternoon when it suddenly stopped. they said she was walking a few steps when it happened and slipped on the rain slicked escalator steps. >> i remember thinking something like this might happen to me. now i'm very leery about going back on metro. >> reporter: earlier a hand rail malfunctioned at the escalator at the same station. later one escalator started to smoke. >> i just want them to fix their escalators, basically. and if something is broken, keep them shut down. it's a safety hazard. >> reporter: today is her 38th birthday. this isn't exactly how she planned to spend it. >> metro kind of ruined my plans for this evening for my birthday. we were supposed to go out and have a nice incidenter with the family and now i'm here at home
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in bed. >> reporter: a metro spokesman said the agency is looking into the incident. that spokesman said riders are encouraged to remain still when riding the escalator and hold on to the hand rail. a state lawmaker in new hampshire wants to make invasive airport pat downs sex crimes. agents who perform full body scan with advanced imaging technology could be charged. the transportation security administration says that will never happen. federal law would outweigh any state law. >> this morning students and parents in manassas are on alert after two teenagers were robbed at gunpoint near a high school. two students were targeted near osburn high school. a man riding a green mountain bike took a teen's wallet in the
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morning. he then held a second teenager hours later. neither teen was injured. the nfl players union may have more leverage when labor negotiations resume today with owners as the two sides met yesterday with a federal mediator in d.c.. a judge ruled that players were owed $4 billion in television revenue. the players had claimed that owners were stockpiling the money to fund a lock out. a lock outis still a possibility. owners and players have to establish a new collective bargaining agreement before midnight tomorrow or the entire 2011 season will be in jeopardy. negotiations are set to resume today in chantilly, virginia. 4:50 is the time. 37 degrees. the redskins are making some roster moves to get ready for next season sponsorship far one player has not been mentioned except in police reports. albert haynesworth is still a redskin. it was widely believed the $100 million man would be the first to go after a season of turmoil
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and offseason troubles. but clinton portis is the first name to be relieved. redskins relieved two others yesterday. 4:51. today a "discovery" crew will have their last spacewalk if all goes as planned. two astronauts will head back outside the international space station to vent the inactive pump of hazardous ammonia. >> let's see if today is a good day for a walk in space or even down here. >> talked to one of the astronauts that did a spacewalk. he said sensation is like you're constantly falling but you have to overcome that mentally. you try to work with tools and things. here this morning we're starting off with a cold start. we got a blustery southwest wind
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and it's down -- just a little bit above freezing throughout most of the area. weather watchers are reporting a clear sky but just right down into the low 30s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, the district of columbia, mid-30s. mid-30s by the bay and on the eastern shore. many low occasions away from the waters are below freezing. look at the wind chills. wind chills in the 20s right now. that wind has been gusting 20 miles per hour. wind chills just low 20s in prince george's county. montgomery, arlington, fairfax mid-20s, upper 20 wind chills in washington. meanwhile temperatures out of the mountains are cold. second day of march down into the low 20s there. and all across most of virginia it's below freezing to right near the freezing mark. we're not alone. it's a large area of high pressure that's moving in and it will continue to push over us and give us plenty much sunshine. then a front here moving in from the great lakes region. that will sweep through this afternoon and bring an end to a little brief warm up that we'll likely have here later this
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afternoon. by 9:00 we'll be near 40 with a blustery wind still a bit gusty and by noon time a few clouds coming through ahead of a weak front that will come in later. before that arrives we'll have temperatures climb in the mid-to-upper 50s and much colder tonight under a clear sky. right back down to near 40 by late evening and then by dawn tomorrow, this time tomorrow morning cold. down into the mid-to-upper 20s starting off thursday morning. then thursday afternoon highs only near 40. that's about 10 degrees colder an average. lots of sun. partly sunny on friday. over the weekend on saturday increasing clouds ahead of a storm system into the upper 50s. rain likely saturday evening into sunday. that rain may linger through midday on monday but then dry after that. jerry, good morning. how is traffic? >> good morning. good news. clear, dry road surfaces this pornography as we get under way. the weather not a concern at the moment. very good news. few folks out and about at 295
4:54 am
suitland parkway, no hangups to anacostia. elsewhere the rush shore south of town looks pretty good to the wilson bridge. one more stop we'll head on over and update you trip around town looks like things are moving pretty well. most major roadways doing all right. if you're heading out have a great day. you could run into some traffic problems if you're driving through northeast washington later today. ddot will continue duct routine bridge and tunnel inspections. they will focus on the pedestrian bridge by kenilworth avenue. the work should be completed by 3:00 this afternoon. 4:54. today apple is expected to make a big announcement that could keep i want ahead of the tablet wars. the company will announce the ipad ii. the new model is expected to be thinner and lighter than the
4:55 am
original and smaller in size with a camera for video chat. apple sold 15 million ipads since it launched the product last year. no word on the price of the upgrades. this morning verizon hint agnew iphone is in the works along with changes to its usage plan. verizon wireless will replace it's unlimited data plan with usage based pricing. 4:55. the congressman that defeated the jeopardy executer. the formerly free part of the
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welcome back. bring your camera and some cash if you want to attend one part of this year's cherry blossom festival. the festival will cost $5 a person. the japanese culture street fair will take place april 9th. this is the first time in 5 years that you'll have to pay to go. the fee will help to pay the cost to produce the event. you can still see the beautiful cherry blossoms for free. >> when members of congress arrived on the hill on monday they were greeted by an unusual sight, styrofoam. it was all part of nancy pelosi's green the capital
4:59 am
initiative. the gop has cut funding for that barack obama and replaced the eco friendly takeout boxes and utensils with styrofoam and plastic version. republicans argue the initiative cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. one new jersey congressman can rest easy knowing he has a back up plan if this whole politician thing doesn't work out. he cab killer "jeopardy" contestant. he played against the super computer and won. "jeopardy" beat ken jennings. he was a five time champion on the show before running for office. he was also the assistant director of the princeton plasma fist sicks laboratory at the ivy league's school largest research facility. there are some politicians who are really smart. >> there are some. he had some good gigs waiting

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